What we do


Have our team give you a pragmatic and objective analysis on your specific situation. We will then define the ideal solution for your website. Weather you need to have it built from scratch, tweak or ad...d some features to make it smoother, better, faster, we have the expertise for a headache free experience and the most efficiency for your project.

A free consultation with one of our experts will help us define the ideal solution for your website. Whether it be a few simple tweaks or a complete redesign, our pragmatic approach ensures you get the best bang for your buck with none of the headaches.

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Web applications

If you need an app to optimize your business, Toreo can help you find the right one. In some cases, you might not find the perfect web app that does exactly what needs to be done, or you’re just tired to pay end...less monthly subscriptions on the latest SaaS on which you barely use 10% of its options. That’s where we become a great asset, by building your digital solution from scratch, with you.

Let us know what you need. It might be the best investment you’ve made in a long time.

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Dedicated developers

Extend your business productivity with Toreo’s dedicated programmers. See our list of mastered technologies and tell us more about your needs. Billed hourly for optimal flexibility and transpa...rency. Ask us about our special packages for volume rebates.

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How we do it

With obsession

An essential criteria to become a member of the Toreo team is to be genuinely passionate about crafting the best existing digital solution for every given project on the table. This allows us to gather the proper motivation and synergy to do the extra mile, think outside of the box and come up with unexpected solutions that would have remain invisible to others.

Keeping it simple

Software and coding can become complex topics and even intimidating at times. It would be easy to swamp our clients in technical terms and fancy fluff, but at Toreo, we make sure to use a popularized language for our customers to truly understand every steps and challenges we come across throughout the project. Therefore, both parties benefit of a flawless collaboration and a clear vision, which inevitably improve results.

Building long term partnership

Our goal is to allow you to literally extend the technological portion of your organization to improve efficiency and ROI on every web project you are implementing. Our promise is over-deliver and therefore create a true partnership on a long run.

Technologies we master

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  • Remote working
  • Unlimited vacations
  • Great pay
  • Exciting projects that fits your skills

If you have 1 to 100 years of experience in web development or in DevOps, take one minute to fill our quick form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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